1. Which rules Govern Pensions ?
2. Who is the Pension Sanctioning Authority ?
3.What should a University Employee/Labourer do to claim the Pension?
4. Who is to authorize the pension?
5. What is required in case the pension has not been fixed correctly?
6. Whether retirement gratuity, death gratuity can be paid by Pension Disbursing Authority?
7. Is the Dearness Relief payable on original basic pension or on reduced pension after commutation?
8. Is there any restriction on commutation of pension?
9. Is there any limit on commutation of pension?
10. Whether the family can be given the benefit of 40% commutation if a pensioner dies before exercising option?
11. Is any authorization for restoration of commuted portion of pension required from Pension Sanctioning Authority?
12. Whether retirement gratuity/death gratuity, commuted value of Pension is taxable?
13. Is the payment of pension in cash or through a joint account with or without “EITHER” or “SURVIVOR” facility permitted in the Scheme for Payment of Pension to Pensioners?
14. Can the deduction of Income Tax at source be made from pension payments?
15. Can the excess payments, if any, credited to the pensioner’s account be recovered by the Pension Disbursement Authority?
16. Who is to authorize payment of family pension and death gratuity when a Govt. servant dies while on deputation?
17. What should a family member eligible for the grant of family pension do to get the family pension?
18. What is the period up-to which family pension is payable?
19. Is family pension payable to more than one person at a time?
20. How is family pension is payable to twins?
21.Is family pension payable to a spouse judicially separated?