KAU Pension Section

Pension section handles the following activities
                              * Pension Sanctioning
                              * Pension Disbursement
                              * Pension Termination
Pension Sanctioning

Pension papers of KAU employee from all stations reaches the KAU Head quarters. The calculated amount from the station will be audited and approved at the KAU Head quarters. KAU pensioners are grouped according to pay scale as State government Staff, UGC and Permanent Labourers (Workers). KAU Pension sections handles the disbursement of all three groups.
Pension Disbursement

The disbursement of Pension is through Bank, Money Order or Cheque.
Pension Termination

Pension process will terminate when the Pensioner/Family Pensioner expires. This should be intimated to the Pension section by producing the death certificate.

Different types of Pension handling by KAU Pension Section
* Superannuation
This is the pension obtained after the normal process of retirement at the permitted age of retirement.
* Family Pension
This is the pension received by the beneficiaries (as per the rules) of the deceased KAU Pensioner.
* Exgratia Pension
For limited period of service up to 10 years this fixed amount of pension is paid.
* Voluntary Retirement
This is the pension received by employees having 20 or more years of eligible service can stop service prior to actual date of retirement.
* Invalid Pension
When the Pension Sanctioning Authority has reasons to believe that an employee is suffering from a contagious disease or physical or mental disability or infirmity, which adversely affects the duties assigned to the person; he may be retired from service on invalid pension. A weight age towards qualifying service up to 5 years is allowed, and the total qualifying service thus arrived at, should not be beyond the date of superannuation and should not be more than 30 years
* Compensation Pension
When a permanent post is abolished, the person selected to be discharged will be given two options; either to accept another employment in Government service or to leave the service accepting pension benefits based on qualifying service so far earned by the individual. The pension granted as opted by the person, is called compensation pension. Based on the qualifying service Compensation pension can come under Superannuation, Voluntarily or Ex-gratia.